nolte-Möbel GmbH & Co. KG: simulation production processes

nolte-Möbel uses simulation to analyze the production processes

The company nolte-Möbel GmbH & Co. KG manufactures high Quality closet and bedroom programs. The increasing number of product variants and the growing complexity of the production processes means that the production processes have to be adapted and the process structures need to be partially redefined. This leads to changes on the planning or process level.

For the analysis and evaluation of the planning and process variants in the field of prefabrication a simulation project was set up. SimPlan was responsible for the training of the employees, the introduction of the simulation software and the project-accompanying implementation of the project objectives.

  • recording the actual processes
  • creating a basic model as a starting point for studies of planning changes
  • introducing the simulation technology to employees as well as conducting training courses
  • software used: Plant Simulation
  • connection to current production data via an Excel interface
  • preservation of the model with current production picture
  • layout-oriented image of the production environment
  • visualization of the conversion processes
  • model as an experimental environment (pre-simulation of the planned production orders)
  • securing planning variants
  • transparency of processes

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